I was moved to tears by the raw emotion that this play evoked. The portrayal of events that took place during this time period and how the actors brought so much life to this story through words and song was incredible. It captivated the audience and touched all of us so profoundly. As a white woman I’ve never looked at myself as privileged, I’m just the same as everyone else, but when I saw this musical my heart ached for what this race has had to endure simply for the colour of their skin, and sadly these same attitudes are still alive today. This musical stirred up emotions and brought about a yearning for change and equality. We were so privileged to see it - Brandy Bayley

A compelling and heart-rending reflection on racism. Dandelions in the Wind evokes the power of the human spirit among those who resisted peacefully and with dignity in the face of overwhelming hatred and bigotry. It certainly brought back memories of the Civil Rights movement in the 60s, and made me realize how far we still haven't come. Bring Kleenex - Kate Gilderdale

The strength of emotion that built up as the story unfolded was overwhelming. The light-hearted interludes and the music helped balance the heartbreak. Full of information that is crucial for older generations to remember and younger ones to know. Deserves major funding. It should be out there on a permanent stage - Faith Arnold

I was deeply moved by Dandelions in the Wind … it was a real eye opener to the past and the present! Thank you for creating this and sharing your experiences and life with a big audience - Adelheid Heidi Toogood

A remarkable play… this is the kind of education humanity needs right now - Rhiannon Traill

A profoundly mind changing musical - Jane Warren

An incredibly emotional musical and I loved every minute - Natalie Coultice Matthews

A wonderful play... great story, amazing music and very appropriate given the recent news and headlines - Louise Dyer

I loved the show. The message is relevant to all prejudices but was a real reminder of history even for someone who was a young adult in the 60's and 70's. Well worth coming from Winnipeg to see it - Ann Wolfman

Absolutely incredible! Loved the story-line, the message, the gamut of emotions evoked!- Brenda Reid

This was an amazing play. It touched me personally as I am a biracial woman. Racism is unfortunately still very alive today. This play was not only emotional but also educational. I'm so glad I was able to see it and would love to see it again - Catherine Vanherzeele

Beautiful and timely play, especially with what we are seeing in the world today. The music and the message was amazing! - Nicole S

It could have been the 1960's...it could have been 2017. The lesson is as applicable then as it is now - Diane Miller

I really got a sense of the courage and determination needed to effect change in a misguided society - Falconer Abraham, Voice coach

This show is phenomenal. We came from upstate New York. Wish we could see it again. It's an amazing story - Rees Brown