History of the show

the journey to Toronto

"I was moved like never before  . . . to say that this musical is powerful does not begin to describe what I saw . . .I guarantee that if you are lucky enough to find a ticket you will leave  the theatre a changed person. This is a play that the world needs to see . . .it holds up a mirror and shows us the error of our ways, shows us where hate can lead us and the damage it can do.It also shows us the power of love and the necessity of it today"

                                                                           - Nick Ahad, Theatre critic for West Yorkshire  Evening Post

Dandelions in the Wind started life as Freedom Sings. The initial development work caught the attention of the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Britain's largest repertory theatre outside of London and Stratford.  The Playhouse with its national and international reputation as one of Britain's most exciting producing theatres invited the community cast to stage six shows in 2003. This was the first experience of theatre for most of the inner-city youth, yet the show was incredibly powerful, evoking much emotion from cast and audience alike. 

The musical's journey to Toronto has been a long one. Jennifer re-wrote the script many times, trying to reduce the cast, and keep costs and strategy to a more manageable level, but the show kept calling out for a large cast!  In 2014 Kesha Wint read the script and fell in love with the material. Jennifer and Kesha formed KJ Group in 2016. Since then they have worked together closely, thrilled with their shared vision, and the enthusiasm that others are expressing. In February 2017, Dandelions in the Wind made its Canadian premiere at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto.